Daily Punch 8-16-16 Giant Bloodline Sorcerous Origin for DnD 5e

Let’s get back to the giant archetypes with the Giant Bloodline for the DnD 5e Sorcerer.

Giant Bloodline

Giants are brutish creatures that don’t always kill those they capture.  Or some seek them out to live among them in the wilderness.  In either case, some children emerge from unions that may occur in the wilderness.  You are one of these children.  Your magic power emerged early as your giant heritage began to take hold.

Giant Ancestor

Giant blood flows through your veins making you tougher than most. At 1st level, increase your Constitution or Strength by 3, to a maximum of 20.

Violent Tendencies

Starting at 6th level you become increasingly aggressive.  When you cast a cantrip you may also make a strength-based melee or thrown weapon ranged attack as part of the same action.

Muscle Mass Growth

At 14th level, your body continues to inherit more of your giant ancestral traits.  You gain a +3 to Strength or Constitution, to a maximum of 20.

Giant Apotheosis

Beginning at 18th level, you grow into the giant you were always meant to be.  Increase your size to one category larger and change all your hit dice to d12s and recalculate your hit points.

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