Daily Punch 4-23-18 Crippling Dagger magic weapon for DnD 5e

How about a magic item today?  I’ve got a few ideas…



Crippling Dagger

weapon(dagger), very rare

This +1 dagger looks more like a pin as it lacks a guard and is simply a solid cone of metal ending in a infinitely small point.  When wielded by an cunning swordsman, it worse than fatal learning how to twist the knife to make even the biggest opponent hurt.  Once per round, it a target is struck with this weapon while the attacker has advantage, the target of the attack must make a saving throw.  On a failure, the target is incapacitated for one round.  On a success the target is immune for one round.  The DC of the saving throw is detailed below.

Creature Size DC
Tiny 13
Small 14
Medium 15
Large 16
Huge 17
Gigantic 20



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