Daily Punch 5-15-18 Cloak of the Storm Lord wondrous Item for DnD 5e

More DnD Madness!



Cloak of The Storm Lord

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)

This cloak is a threadbare cloak made from the hide of some giant beast.  It smells or age and ware, but it has been passed down through time from one giant chief to another.  During that time it has observed the air of command of all those chieftains and passes it to the wearer.  Once per day the wearer may should the command word of “KNEEL!”  All creatures with the giant type within 60 feet of the wearer must make a Wisdom saving throw with the DC equal to 18 or your spell saving DC, whichever is higher.  Any who fail are effected by the spell dominant person, ignoring their creature type and number of creatures affected.  This ability renews at dawn of the next day.




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