Daily Punch 1-15-19 Eurytus’ bow spell for DnD 5e

Todays spell for the wizard!


Eurytus’ bow

1st-level conjuration

Casting Time: bonus action
Range: Self
Components: V, S, M (a shard of pottery)
Duration: 1 minute

This spell creates a floating wooden bow or crossbow that moves with you and stays within 5 feet of you.  The bow operates as normal, requiring an action to use, but the bow will conjure an arrow as part of the action to fire the weapon.  The action that fires the weapon does not require you to use your hands, and you use your spellcasting attack modifier for the attack.  The weapon does damage as a non-magic bow.  The bow can be attack as normal and for all purposes is a normal wooden bow for targeting, hit points, AC, and damage.




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