Daily Punch 5-5-23 Grab and Ride barbarian and fighter feat for Pathfinder 2nd Ed

Been playing God of War again, so here is an idea that comes right from there!

Grab and Ride 2 actions Feat 6

Barbarian Fighter

You’ve gotten used to directing your opponents in battle! Make a basic melee strike against an opponent who is at least one size category larger then you. If the attack is successful, you do damage equal to your Strength modifier and climb on the back or top of your opponent and can direct them around. This counts has having the creature grabbed. While riding them, as an action you can make them take the stride action. Any creature they move through may make a reflex save or take damage equal to the Strength modifier of the creature your are riding. The creature can escape the grab as normal, and you can change this to restrained following the normal rules for doing so. You can also strike the creature as normal as well.


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