Daily Punch 9-1-14 Magic Domain for DnD Next

If we have magic gods in the Forgotten Realms, then there must be a magic domain for clerics.  Let’s make this happen!



Magic Domain

Gods of Magic like Mystra control and are the magical weave that binds the world together.  Mortals are sometimes called to protect, maintain, or build the weave and become clerics of this domain.  Sometimes these clerics are tasked with preventing misuses of the arcane as well.  The mortals who pray to the gods of magic are often wizards, sorcerers, and those that dabble in the arcane, or those asking for protection from it.


Magic Domain Spells

Cleric Level     Spells

1st      detect magic, Identify

3rd     Magic Missle, Shield

5th     Magic Circle, Dispel Magic

7th     Evard’s Black Tenticals, Dimension Door

9th    Creation, Bigby’s Hand


Bonus Skill and Spell

When you choose this domain at 1st level, you gain training in the Arcana skill and gain one cantrip on the wizards spell list.  At 6th level gain a second, and 12th level gain a third.  Unlike a wizard, you cast these and any other arcane spells you know using your wisdom as your spellcasting ability instead of intelligence.


Channel Divinity: Enhance magic

Starting at 2nd Level, you can use your channel divinity to enhance the next arcane spell you or another cast.

As an action, you can target you or another creature in 30 feet.  The next arcane spell cast by the target has the save DC increased by half your proficiency bonus or add half your proficiency bonus as a bonus to any attack made with an arcane spell.  The creature must cast a spell within in one minute of you using channel divinity.

Also, as an action, you can enhance an already active spell.  If you do so, the active spell gains a  bonus to its DC equal to your proficiency bonus for the duration of the spell.

A target may only benefit from your use of Enhance Magic once even if you use the ability multiple times.


Channel Divinity: Counterspell

Starting at 6th level, you can use your channel divinity to cast counterspell as per the spell with a bonus equal to half your proficiency bonus on the saving throw.


Arcane Blessed Strike

When you hit a creature with a divine spell or a creature does not save against one of your divine spells, you may cast an arcane cantrip as a free action against the same target.


Arcane Protection

At 17th level, you gain advantage on saving throws against arcane spells.


5 thoughts on “Daily Punch 9-1-14 Magic Domain for DnD Next

  1. I really like homebrew domains (they really flesh out a cleric character and the PHB is missing some pretty important domains from previous editions). I took your Magic Domain, typed it up in a pdf, made some minor changes and posted it up over on /tg/. People seemed to like it. I’ll playtest it and let you know how it goes, if you want. Thanks!

  2. Here’s the character I used to playtest the domain, and the minor changes I made to the domain itself.



    I changed up some of the domain spells, changed Arcane Blessed Strike to be more in line with the other domains 8th level ability, reworded some stuff to bring it in line with the PHB, and changed the 1st level feature somewhat.

    I intend to use this domain on my next character. Thanks for the inspiration!

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