Daily Punch 4-22-19 Binding Cuff wondrous item for DnD 5e

Have a fighter who hates mobile creatures?  Flying creatures making the barbarian cry?  Well how about his one?


Binding Cuff

Wondrous item, rare

This set of manacles magically locks on only one your wrist with a command.  As part of  successful grapple, you my lock the other half of the manacles on the creature.  That creature cannot move more than 5 feet from you, nor can the creature pull you.  You may move that creature with no effort.  You are not considered to be grappling the creature as both your hands free with the chain holding you two giving you enough space, but the creature is considered to be grappled by you.  You may free the creature at any time by mental command that uses not action.  The creature can not teleport, not change size, nor move to another plain or go ethereal.  The chain between the manacles can not be cut, even by adamantium weapons.  The creature can escape as an action with a DC 15 Strength(athletics) or Dexterity(acrobatics) check.




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