Daily Punch 9-7-21 Powerful Berserker feat for DnD 5e

I’ve been going class by class in Starfinder giving each path som love. Let’s do that for DnD as well. time to start with the Path of the Berserker barbarian.

Powerful Berserker

prerequisite: path of the berserker

You are brute force personified.  Gain the following benefits:

  • When in frenzy, your ability modifier is applied to all bonus attacks you make in a round.
  • When you enter your rage and are frightened or charmed, the target causing the effect must make a Wisdom save (DC 8 + proficiency modifier + your Charisma modifier) or they become frightened for one round.
  • When you enter a rage and are frightened or charmed, the effect completely ends.
  • When you use your intimidating presence feature on a creature that was already affected by your intimidating presence, you can use it as a bonus action instead of an action.


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